Din Doo

Din Doo lives in a dimension that no other living species can access within Bravogia. Din Doo accidentally discovered this dimension when trying to hide from an invade of his village at an early age. This invasion left him without home & family. Din Doo is far from a warring creature, thus now prefers hiding out in his lonely dimension. Din Doo walks amongst the others unseen, but from time to time, almost as a game, appears to the citizens of Bravogia.  Many now worship Din Doo as a god, deity or species from another planet.


Born into wealth and royalty, Dramiin had the “perfect” upbringing. He was often spoiled, and was sent to the fanciest, most expensive schools.  Despite having no real need to apply himself, Dramiin became obsessed with science and engineering.  Rising to the top of his class, and quickly becoming famous for his engineering and architecture works. Dramiin, after accumulating his own wealth from his successes, still did not seem fully satisfied..  He decided he wanted to take on the largest architectural undertaking of all time and decided to create a castle/mansion of unparallel wealth, design, luxury, and size.  The work spanned almost 4 decades, and greatly aged Dramiin.. Taking a toll on his personal health, social skills, and appearance.  Despite the personal tolls, the Slott Mansion to this day is one the most amazing specatcles in all of Bravogia.  The mansion can be seen from several different mountain peaks, it’s housed several of the wealthiest families over the years and is still one of the most copied architectural feats throughout Bravogia. Since the completion of the mansion, Dramiin has retreated to a secret lair built under the mansion, and is working on secretive projects for high profile investors.  Even though Dramiin himself isn’t seen often, his work still pops up from time to time in different aspects across Bravogia.


An unparalleled mage of unknown origin, Fantessa stands amongst the most powerful mages to have ever walked Bravogia.

Her very existence raises more questions than answers, even for herself. Preferring solitude and isolation to camaraderie and collaboration, many moons come and go without her ever leaving her hut – but when she does, whole armies risk being turned to ash before she returns.

Hoping to decipher the nebulous nature of her very existence, Fantessa spends her days combing through volumes of ancient lore and forgotten wisdom left behind by the Arcane Order shortly before they fled Bravogia, for reasons unknown, never to return. From where did she come? And when? Yet for every answer, she finds herself closer to unravelling the most terrifying question of all, one which she discovered on the last page of the final volume, written in blood and barely discernible as though it were the author’s final breath … “summoned the cataclysm” … 

Why am I here? The answer, she’s afraid, will determine the fate of Bravogia.


An entertainer, a sailor, and most famously a lethal swordsman.  Hailed as the best swordsman in all the land, Gripsin spares no opportunity to display his talents. Often dueling for entertainment or fighting for life & death as a hired mercenary.  Gripsin is not only known for his sword play, but also for frequenting the Sedfree ship as a mercenary.  The Sedfree is one of the largest cargo ships in all of Bravogia, and is often a target for sea thieves and pirates.


Grofor was a solider for a small army that helped to defeat the largest army in all of Bravogia years ago. He was hailed as a hero for helping to overturn the then corrupt government by using his strength in battle… His leader, Destinn, was not well received by the people upon taking throne… Destinn, the very man that Grofor swore loyalty too, used Grofor as a scapegoat, and charged him to prison in life for overthrowing the previous regime…  Grofor now spends his days in a dungeon, where he was able to find peace in the solitude.

Lord Amoss

Lord Amoss hails from a noble lineage with a storied history of skilled warriors and formidable leaders. Born into a world where magic and mysticism intertwine, Amoss inherited not only his family’s prestigious title but also a sense of entitlement and arrogance that set him apart from his peers. From a young age, Amoss displayed a talent for swordsmanship. As he grew, so did the legends surrounding his colossal blade, a family heirloom passed down through generations. Forged from some of the rarest materials found in Bravogia, the blade crackles with residual energy, making it both a symbol of his family’s legacy and a devastating weapon in his hands. Amoss’s arrogance, however, transcends his martial prowess. His upbringing in the presence of the noble courts has cultivated a belief in his own superiority. His disdain for those he deems beneath him is palpable, and he views the world through a lens of entitlement. This arrogance has often led Amoss into conflicts, both on the battlefield and within the intricate politics of the realm. Despite his abrasive demeanor, many are forced to acknowledge his prowess in combat, making him a formidable force that cannot be easily dismissed. As he ventures further into a world filled with ancient prophecies, magical artifacts, and looming threats, Amoss’s journey will test not only his physical abilities but also his character. Will he rise above his arrogance and become a true leader, or will it be his downfall in the face of greater challenges? Only time will unveil the depths of Amoss’s character as he navigates the treacherous paths of his fantastical realm.


A veteran of countless battles, Meela’s prowess mustn’t be taken lightly. At first glance she gives the impression of a mythical dragon conjured from bedtime stories to comfort nervous children, but upon closer inspection – the knicks and dings of swords and pikes riddled across her amphibious skin are too deep for anything other than a bloody backstory.

It’s often said that amputees experience phantom limbs – the same can be said of Meela’s clipped wings. Although her family never discusses it, ne’er a night goes by without Meela crying softly in her sleep, haunted by the fateful battle that extinguished her once noble future.

Prior to being wiped from the annals of Bravogia, Meela commanded the 1st Battalion Winged Serpents – an elite unit of battle-hardened fairies & dragons notorious for their speed, cunning, and ferocity. Her objective was both simple and suicidal: to outflank an enemy general (Skell)…with no support until the following morning.

As expected, her unit engaged the enemy undetected and accomplished the overarching objective: to instill confusion and redirect the Skell’s focus. The Winged Serpents sliced through the unfortified backline like a piercing arrow, driving deep into the General’s body straight to its heart. Having redirected the enemies front to deal with this unseen threat, the remainder of the army, led by General Richard the Brawler, was to throw his entire strength at the enemy front, decimate the disoriented enemy, and relieve the Winged Serpents from certain death. Now forever known as Richard the Staller, his indecisiveness in the heat of battle resulted in the 1st Battalion Winged Serpents being surrounded by a wrathful enemy fighting to avenge its fallen General. 

Despite the Winged Serpents’ impossible victory, the battle resulted in a mutual truce. Captured and returned with clipped wings so as to symbolize the extermination of an elite force – the likes of which Bravogia has never seen, nor will ever see again – Meela now spends the twilight of her years lamenting her fallen comrades and protecting her family in the Noche Forest, far from the wars and politics that ravage ever closer to her hidden home.


For being the only child from two of the most powerful mages, one would sure never know.  Romakula is a disappointment to say the least when it comes to magic.  Many prophecies believed he would rise to power thru force, however, that tale never played out.  Even though his magical prowess lacks, Romakula does have one skill that he was able to master, the ability to revisit past events. It takes a grave toll on Romakula to use this power, so it costs individuals a fortune if they want him to recant past events for them.


Sennity is one of the last known descendants of the Pure, a group of nature loving free lancers that lived in a hidden forest for several years. The Pure were the only known group of people that was not under a trance/spell that was placed upon the inhabitants of Bravogia several eons past. With this background, Sennity was always highly revered in Bravogia, and used this clout to quickly rise in the political ranks. Sennity was born with a common defect for her kind, no legs, but has no mobility issues as her faithful drone (Tid) carries her about the lands. Today, Sennity heads the Council of Peace, trying as best she can to avoid bloodshed across Bravogia

Shi Scima

After watching the slaughter of parents at an early age, Shi Scima had to quickly learn to fend for herself. As she desperately sought out answers as to why her parents were taken from her, she quickly learned that she was an outcast, not like others within the world of Bravogia. The sheer sight of Shi Scima, caused some to flea in fear.  Learning that this fear drove a group of warriors from a nearby village to slay her parents, turned her into a revenge machine.  Tearing villages apart one by one and racking up the toll of battle on both her body and mind.  After years of anger and revenge, and finding no peace, Shi Scima now spends most of her time with her newest friend, Meela.  Shi Scima and Meela both prefer the escape of bustling cities and tend to live a quieter country lifestyle.  Shi Scima is still feared across Bravogia, but no longer for appearance, rather now her reputation.